Brief Explanation On The Duratrans Photographic And Printing Works

This technology was originally developed by one of the early global leaders of photographic and associated printed works.  Before the arrival of digital technologies and smart phones, many readers here could at least say that they have had the use of a Kodak camera at some stage of their early life. As the old folks would say; those were the days. Back in the day, you would walk into a photo processing store and have your printed photographs developed for your album.

But today, of course, you can pretty much do your own development and printing, just like the pros, and that’s largely thanks to the modern easy to use technologies available on your portable or desktop devices. The duratrans photo development and printing techniques, however, are not entirely modcon. It was originally developed in the late seventies by Kodak. But for course, the techniques have been developed, if you will, and advanced over the years, making it still very much a viable process of online and table based graphic design work.

It retains the artwork. Purity in the greatest sense of the word is the result of the finished article. There are several advantages to prolonging the use of this technique. Resolutions continue to be higher than average. Color continues to enjoy longer life spans. Printed work can be protected from direct or indirect sunlight and artificial light. Rich prints continue to be possible due to the ability to produce as many required dots as possible.

And more pixels produced continue to give good contrast to well developed and finely printed photographs.  High resolution printing remains ideal for marketers and advertisers who feel a need to utilize large outdoor signposts for their campaigns. These advertising boards will, of course, be exposed to daily sunlight for long periods of time, sometimes even a few years. That being said, the boards are generally well preserved from the sun’s bright UV rays that would normally fade other impressions.


Finally, contrast and clarity gets your product and service noticed and you are always able to get your message across.